Artiss 6 Panel Room Divider Privacy Screen Foldable Pine Wood Stand White

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Need some privacy? Or more practical use of space in your home? Consider using our Room Divider to create private pockets, zones or simply dividing a large room into separate areas top create new focus points.

Designed with a touch of oriental flair, our 6-panel Room Dividers look good from any angle. The solid pine wood construction and metal hinges ensure the lightweight Divider is strong and sturdy to stand up to the task and easily manoeuvred to anywhere that needs it. The screen itself is made of non-woven fabric, eco-friendly and repels liquids with ease. When not in use, the Room Divider can be folded and store away for its next use.

So start creating some layered space with our durable Room Dividers and give your home a whole new dimension to it.

Note: 6-panel divider comes as two 3-panel dividers that need to be joined together.


6 Panels

Dividing rooms, creating privacy sections or office partitions

Solid Pine wood

Two way metal hinges

Non-woven fabric screen- Environmentally friendly material

Foldable panels – saves space when not in use

Flexible manoeuvre

Easy to store


Material: Solid Pine wood & non-woven fabric screen

Colour: White

Overall dimensions: 261cm x 178.5cm

Package Content

2 x 3 Panels Divider

1 x Manual